Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Types of Woman's Swimwear

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When anyone goes to the beach they usually observe several different types of swimwear girls walking around. Some have one pieces, while others have bikinis and others might wear tankinis, which are like bikinis, but instead the tops more like a tank top. Whatever the different types of swimwear girls are wearing there will always be a new style or fashion that will be chasing after. For now though there are only a few main choices.

Now the very first design of swimwear for girls basically would reveal as little as possible while still allowing women to swim freely. These were the original one-piece swimsuits. They are still widely available, but less and less teens are wearing them now. Most of the swimwear girls choose are the two-piece ones or the tankinis.

The most popular form of swimwear for girls today is the bikinis and tankinis. They are mostly worn by the slim teens, but anyone can wear them. The tankinis are like a regular bikini except for under the top part, it kind of goes down a little further like a tank top. They are pretty stylish and give you a unique look when walking around on the beach



Bikini season has arrived finally, meaning it’s time to get fit, fashionable - and tanned without getting fried.

Start by checking out some of the hottest trends in suits, including flora and fauna prints, nautical stripes and details, plaid and gingham checks, and crystal trim and
gold hardware.

When it comes to shape, the triangle string and bandeau style are tops in tops for maximum tanning exposure. On the bottom, anything goes, including boy-cut shorts or ruffled skirts.

But just as important as the suit is the sunblock. And with the season’s best ingredients, such as Helioplex and the formerly Europe-only Mexoryl SX, alongside better delivery systems like sprays, powders and even a face wash, there’s no excuse for blotchy redness.

Once you’ve worked on lathering up and looking fabulous, you can concentrate on making temperatures soar with a phenomenal physique.

According to Erica Gragg and Melissa Perlman, authors of the new diet program “Bikini Bootcamp: Two Week to Your Ultimate Beach Body” (Broadway Books, $18), you can have your derriere beach-ready faster than you can say daiquiri. The duo, who own a resort-spa called Amansala, in Tulum, Mexico, converted their beachside regimen into a book aimed at those who want a taut tush in time for June.

“For people who don’t have time to take care of their bodies all year round and don’t want to deprive themselves, this program is perfect for getting ready for the summer,” Gragg says. “It’s all about exercise and routine, and also being aware of your body and what you eat.”

The 14-day regimen includes daily cardiovascular and weight-lifting exercises that you can do from home, a food plan, and mindfulness activities, such as yoga, that are designed to help you shed pounds, tone up quickly and improve your mind and mood. On this diet, you can even avoid the gym if you promise to stay active.

Gragg says walking is the key. “A lot of people aren’t used to walking every day, but it’s the most underrated exercise, and you can do it anywhere” she says. “Speed walk, let those arms swing and challenge yourself, and you will definitely see a change in your body.”

While Gragg and Perlman admit “the first two weeks are very intense,” they also promise “everyone, any age, who does it can lose between 7 and 10 pounds.”
“You start by doing 15 minutes of yoga in the morning, followed by about an hour of walking and then about 40 minutes of circuit training that involves short cardio activities and core training,” Gragg says. “And you do this every day for two weeks straight, no exceptions.”

And there are no quick food fixes to turn to. As with any diet, good eating habits are essential.

“We suggest flavorful foods that are very high in fiber and low in calories,” she says. “We encourage eating healthy fats, like olive oil, avocado and cheese every few hours.”

After two weeks of devotion, they claim you’ll be ready to strut you beachy stuff.
“You will be in better physical condition, more muscular and feel better,” says Gragg. “Then you can buy that hot bikini you want.”

Here are some exercises you can do that’ll make you look marvelous in your teeny-weeny bikini:



Stand facing a wall, feet about one foot away, with your palms resting against the wall at about shoulder height, and bend elbows slightly. Lift your left leg slightly to the side and rotate your toes to the left. Keeping your toes facing left, lift your leg up and back, about one foot away from your body. Then lower to starting position and repeat for 30 seconds before switching to the right leg. Each of these exercises should be done after your morning walk, every day for 14 days.


Lie down on a mat with your legs straight and arms extended overhead. Bend your right knee, foot flat on the mat. Place your left hand next to your left hip and rotate your left leg outward so your toes point to the left. Keeping your knee straight, contract your abs as you lift your left leg and right hand toward one another, so they meet over your midsection. Lower and repeat for 15 times and then switch sides. Work your abs after your upper- and lower-body workout


Stand with your feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, holding one weight in each hand, palms facing down. Bend your elbows into a 45-degree angle at your waist and raise your arms to shoulder level. Lower to starting position and repeat for one minute at your desired pace.